Gray And White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Great Gray And White Kitchen

A gray and white kitchen can be made contemporary, with silver accents and stainless steel appliances classic retro with a chess pattern floor and backsplash or romantic with black white photographs and white roses in black vases. The lighting also plays an important part in the setting style. A black chandelier with crystal pendant adds to a classic brand, while silver pendant light adds a modern flair.

Although red is known to cause anger, it is also used in color psychology to promote hunger. This is the reason why so many bars and restaurants use it.  Any color you choose for gray and white kitchen decorating ideas. Using a favorite accent shade can be brought in easily with art, towels, textiles and other decorative accessories.

If you cannot choose a favorite color, gray and white kitchen is the perfect setting to show all of them. Look for colorful decorative tiles, different colored chairs and tea towels. Look for stencil designs to paint on white cabinets, along with mixing some small appliances in different shades to bring fun and charm when displayed on white table tops. Since everything else in the kitchen is so neutral, these accessories will pop and be at the center of the room.

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