Good Single Story Open Floor House Plans

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Build Single Story Open Floor House Plans

In this book of ideas that we are going to show you, you will see what can be done with the Single Story Open Floor House Plans on one floor, to build a new one on the second floor. At last the house was finished, it is no longer owed to the bank, but the family has grown and the comfort of before has disappeared; now the family lives a little tight, missing environments that restore tranquility. The eyes are directed to the ceiling as if looking for a solution that returns the good moments, and the idea arises: to raise the second floor.

The first and most important thing before making plans is to consult with the professionals, the architect who made the project or with the engineer who calculated it, and having the architectural plans, structure and facilities at hand you should verify that no modifications have been made in the construction of your single story open floor house plans.

Making these consultations is important because it will allow you to know if the roof of your single story open floor house plans can support the weight of a new plant on top. You will also know where the electrical and sanitary installations go, so that it facilitates the new connections of the extension.

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