Glass Floor Modern Solution Decoration

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Glass Floor – We all need light in our house and especially natural light. It has a positive impact on our body and our morale. A transparent floor allows this light to better infiltrate the house. Thus light spreads from floor to floor and decreases the number of dark and depressing corners of your home. Glazed floors are usually in dark places in the house, like mezzanines or stairs. They usually cover only a small area f the soil, and rarely all.

They can also be placed above a well or a basement to enhance it. It is possible to compete with imagination by putting, for example, a glass floor on a background of herbs to add a natural layer to your home, or a glass floor on a watery background. The glass floor can sometimes create a privacy concern, especially if it is located in a bedroom or bathroom.

To avoid problems related to privacy glass floor, you can put tiles sandblasted glass to frosted appearance rather than flint glass, which let light through, but that will not be fully transparent. A glazed floor is not so fragile that it is believed. Glass is specially optimized to improve safety. For a glass floor, laminated glass is usually used. It is an assembly of windows with, between each of them, a protective film.

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