Get Your Own Mosaic Bistro Table

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Stylish Mosaic Bistro Table

Mosaic bistro table – A Mosaic bistro table is a vibrant, whimsical addition to your home or in the garden and make your own is cost effective and gives you the freedom to choose a design and color scheme best complements your decor. The mosaics are unique and functional works of art that can be made from broken tiles and ceramics as well as ceramics, earthenware, glass, shells and marble to create a more varied surface. A mosaic is also an excellent way to use leftover supplies from a home renovation

Get your own mosaic bistro table, outline your design and place your mosaic pieces on the table top to test your distance and the overall look of the design. Remove tiles before the start of the next step. Sand tabletop before you applies your mosaic pieces.

Wide tile adhesive on the tabletop. Work in sections from the center of the mosaic bistro table to prevent the adhesive drying before you have time to place your mosaic pieces. Allow several hours for the tile adhesive to dry.  Spread grout over the top of the mosaic pieces with a trowel. Sixth sponge unwanted grout from the surface of the mosaic pieces after the grout has partially dried.

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