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Totum Heater – Gas bottle The device is designed for the following cylinders: Butane <6 kg propane <5 kg. Safety gas cylinder , Store gas cylinders in enclosed Spaces; Store upright gas cylinders; you if the unit does not close the gas tap, is in operation; When replacing the gas cylinder pay attention to good ventilation, away from ignition sources (candles, Cigarettes, other open flames).

For gas leaks totum heater check please note: Test no with an open flame. If you smell gas you close the gas valve .. Before first use and before each new season (Or if you change the gas cylinder) must To check for gas leaks. First, prepare a soap solution with one part Dishwashing detergent and one part water before. Second, set the burner knob on Gas on. Third, bring the soap solution on all visible / accessible gas connections to (including Pressure regulator on the gas cylinder).

Are the connections not tight, so you see bubbles in the soap solution. Tighten connections to or take the appropriate repairs. Fourth, do you have a gas leak, you do not can resolve, then close the Gas supply and contact your Dealer. The device may be used under any circumstances be until the cause of the totum heater gas leak is found and corrected.

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