Functions Of Old Hot Water Heater

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Repair Old Hot Water Heater

Old hot water heater – When it comes to your water heater, age of the device is not the best indication of what it is in the form. There are warning signs that your water heater is old, will tell you if you need to take steps to better preserve it or replace it. Facts, Most residential water heaters carry guarantees which last between five and ten years. Your water heater will probably function well longer than that. Many units outlast their guarantee of several years, even decades. Water heaters not last forever, though. There are signs you can watch for that will alert you if your water heater is old and inefficient.

A water heater that is getting old functions less efficiently than it did when new. A device that takes a long time to supply hot water, fails to deliver consistent temperature water or run out of hot water for early showing its age. Your water heater accounts usually for about 17 percent of your home’s energy consumption. Keep an eye on your power usage and monthly bills. If your old hot water heater started to use more energy and cost you more money each month, it is a warning sign that the device is getting old.

One of the first visual signs you will find that your water heater is getting old is evidence that the unit has been leaking. Look for the water collected under the heater or characters that have been water there in the past. A water heater that leaks have become corroded. Rust is another sign of corrosion. If you find any water leaks or rust, your old hot water heater is damaged and must be replaced.

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