Fun Picnic Blankets Ideas

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Blue Picnic Blankets

Picnic blankets – Almost at summer, my family cannot wait to get out of adventures every day we can. One of our favorite activities is to walk through parks is why we carry in car a picnic blanket. Which have for years ago and is viejita also no longer children we grew up? So I wanted to create an activity involving children. idea of making a blanket is to create an element to accompany us to our family rides. fact that it is made with our own hands and awarded him from a family connotation. In other words it is made with love, so we will use from now on every summer we can.

Picnic blankets prints or classic Vichy is perfect for occasion. If you decide on Vichy squares or stripes colchoneras you can combine them with blankets cushions floor, do not forget that this is a picnic and let’s eat sitting on blankets or quilt, but comfortably. If you also combine with napkins tablecloths and blankets results will be magnificent.

To paint picnic blankets wanted to use a simple and easy for kids to want to make art. I also decided to buy a wine painter, youngest that have hardware stores. Using this canvas I avoid using sewing machine as it is finished and provides us a perfect space to paint. To “paint” we use fruits and vegetables shaped seal, we use onion and apple but you can use, potatoes, pears celery, so practically you can think of.

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