Fixing Light Scratches In Hardwood Floors Laminate

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Fixing Light Scratches In Hardwood Floors Style

Fixing Light Scratches In Hardwood Floors – Laminate floors are often used as a substitute for wood by many people because the laminate is easier to clean, more resistant to water and does not scratch so easily. While laminate flooring is often more durable than its wood counterparts, it’s unrealistic to assume laminate does not scratch at all. Daily wear and tear combined with heavy objects being dropped or dragged on the laminate scratching in a hurry, just like the claws of pets.

Fixing light scratches in hardwood floors keeps it looking new. Fill in the small scratches with a laminated aerosol spray. Spray the stripes, and then rub in a circular motion with a cloth to work the chemicals in the scratches. Continue buffing until the scratches are gone and the color matches the rest of the floor. Fill in deeper scratches with a repair wax or polymer pad that matches the color of your floor.

They are usually available on the ground specialty stores or hardware stores. Spread the wax into the stripes using a putty knife or trowel. Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth and smooth as much as possible. Rub fine sandpaper on the wax after drying to smooth it so it is quite even with the rest of the fixing light scratches in hardwood floors. Place tape on either side of the repair during this operation to prevent the floor from suffering further scratches in the process.

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