Find Out Half Court Basketball Court Dimensions

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When building a sports field, one of the disadvantages that we can find is to find information on the regulatory measures that the field of play should have. The measurements of half court basketball court dimensions with its official dimensions according to FIBA ​​apply to all the competitions regulated by this entity that is the governing body of basketball worldwide. The regulatory measures of a basketball field for international competitions, according to the FIBA, are 28m long x 15m wide.

We also have to add 2 meters on each side of the court for the safety of the players. Adding this safety distance, the total dimension is 32m long x 19m wide. For half court basketball court dimensions, Sportex PVC floors are the most suitable if the installation is indoors. Its PVC foam support improves shock absorption, bouncing the ball and reduces the risk of injury.

The size of a 3 × 3 half court basketball court dimensions according to FIBA, is approximately half of a traditional basketball court: 15 x 11 m. You also have to take into account the security space that should be left around it. Handball or handball is another indoor sport that is increasingly highlighted on the world stage. The regulatory measures of a handball field are indicated in the regulations drafted by the IHF. The playing field should be 40m long x 20m wide.

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