The Effects Of Electric Heated Blankets  

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Heated Blankets Style

Heated blankets – Electric heated blankets using insulated wires to generate heat. An electric current flows through these conduits. The resistance properties of the threads cause heat to build up as the electric power brakes, and this heat moves out of the carpet, heating objects around it through radiating heat. People use electrically heated blankets to warm beds in cold weather or for the treatment of small medical issues. Electric blankets also have some negative effects.

Pain relief, one of the positive effects electric heated blankets, electric blankets is that they facilitate certain pain, especially joint and muscle pain. While the heat from the carpet does not necessarily improve a state, it will relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis and help tired muscles recover faster.

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, fields created by many electric appliances including electric heated blankets. There is contention about the dangers that electromagnetic fields can create, but studies have shown a possible link between electromagnetic fields and a number of health concerns. Specifically, Dr. Nancy Weathermen and Ed Leper’s research has linked electric heated blankets with childhood leukemia. Burns, Manufacturers designing electric blankets to be safe to use, but they can still be found burning dangers. People who do not pay enough attention to the warmth of the blanket can leave it on too high for too long and burn their skin from radiating heat.

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