The Effective Zodi Tent Heater Unit

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Zodi Tent Heater Type

Zodi tent heater has high-performance air harsh and four camping season. The unit is pumping 20,000 BTU is more than enough for the largest tent in the coldest nights. To avoid the common problem for all heating hood, such as toxic gas buildup inside the tent), Zodi attack the problem with a heat exchanger outside the tent.

Water is heated in the exchanger; it is injected into the tent and then recycled through the air channel back to the exchanger. This course is constantly highly effective and fast heat up tents. In addition to the more so because the heater outside the tent no moisture or water vapor trapped inside the tent. The only downside to Zodi tent heater system is a 12V power source (battery car courses in best work) required to run the fan. The fan can be a little noisy if you sleep with it next to your head, but do not make more noise than lovers’ computers. So, if you can be directed to different angles you will not hear it.

Zodi tent heater is very effective unit, although a little bigger than some other models. The main factor for this heating tent is security, with heat exchangers outside there will be no gas, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide buildup in the tent.



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