Draw Designs For Mosaic Project Tiles

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Broken China Mosaic Project

Mosaic project – Notes mosaics basic tiles and complex existing will help you better understand how the tiles are presented and how they combine the colors to create an image based on a basic outline to achieve a complex piece of art.

Draw a basic diagram of a single image, similar to the schematic images of children’s coloring books. If you have nothing in mind or feel that you do not have too many artistic abilities, take one or more images ┬áthat you like books, magazines, Internet, coloring books or anywhere else. With your black marker, draw on the outer lines of the main picture that you intend to appear in your design. Place tracing paper on the surface of mosaic project and draw on each part of your unique image to copy. Now you accounts with the required layout on which to work.

Choose the design theme for mosaic project. He thinks that literally no limits as graph paper allows you to copy larger and more complex and colorful designs variability, and the final drawing will look exactly like 2D 3D final project should look like. For this example, using a basic design grid: parallel lines of three different colors and 1/2 inch wide by 3 inches long followed by a triangle and then another 3 over the same lines as the first. Make a sketch of your image on graph paper using your big crayons. This step will seem unnecessary, but will help you understand how the picture looks 2D as colored dots and how, when the image is reconstructed with tiles, some parts of the image can be divided into smaller tiles or pieces of tile can be used irregular shapes to complete.

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