DIY Mosaic Mirror Design Ideas

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Amber Mosaic Mirror

Mosaic mirror – You can use mosaic to decorate a framed mirror, or build your own mirror with mosaic accents. You can also use mirrored tiles to create a mosaic or accent. No matter what type of project you choose, there are some special considerations when working with mirrors. Working with Mirrors, If you place the mosaic tiles on top of a mirrored surface, choose an adhesive designed to bond to the glass. If the piece you create is heavy, attach it to a wall stud when you hang it. When working with glass, gloves and goggles. Clean your work area thoroughly when finished, especially if you have cut all the tiles as there may be sharp splinters of glass. Wear gloves when working with grout. Use adequate ventilation when working with adhesives and sealants. Dispose of water-containing sealants in the trash, not in your plumbing.

Decorate a framed mirror with mosaic mirror; you can buy mirrors framed with wood. The wooden surface is an excellent surface for a mosaic. If you cannot find a mirror with a frame that is appropriate for your project, you can buy a piece of wood and glue a regular mirror on its surface. Sand the wood, then sketches your design on wood. Attach your mosaic to wood with an adhesive and leaves room for grout between the tiles.

Be careful to avoid scratching the mirror. After the adhesive has cured according to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply the grout. You can use premixed grout, or mix your own. You can buy colored grout or fade mill itself if desired. Ensure that the practice may in any space between the mosaics mirror tiles, but avoid getting it on the mirror. Wait the time specified by the mill manufacturer; clean the grout haze of plates, careful not to remove grout from between the tiles. Allow the grout to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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