DIY Kitchen Cabinets Glassed

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Wooden DIY Kitchen Cabinets

DIY kitchen cabinets – You can add characters to and change the look of your kitchen shutters by glazing them. Glaze is made by mixing water-based paint with an equal amount of water or blend oil-based paint with a solvent; you can also buy ready-mixed glaze. No matter what technique you choose, it only takes a few hours for your cabinets to have a completely different look.


Cover areas below the DIY kitchen cabinets with plastic or a cloth to avoid staining the surface. Mix equal parts of color and water for your glaze (optional). If you use an oil-based paint, mix with thinner. The color of the paint should be determined by your kitchen interior. Test your glaze mix by applying a layer to a scrap wood piece with a brush. Make sure the color is compatible with your cabinet.

Remove the wrist from the DIY kitchen cabinets and wipe the dust with a damp cloth. If there are any drawers, remove them from the cabinet and take the handles. Use a natural brush to apply glaze to your cabinets and drawers. Apply and wipe the excess with lint-free rags in the direction of the natural wood fibers. Wipe the cupboard to your liking. Allow the glaze to dry completely. Fit the wrists on cabinets and drawers. Put your boxes in the cabinets.

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