DIY Embroidered Monogrammed Blankets

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Monogrammed Blankets Design

Monogrammed blankets – If you like cross-stitch as a craft or would like to start embroidering as a hobby, a blanket would be a project to consider. You can sew a blanket to throw over a chair or for a gift. Buy a blanket, has a large monogram and the center has space to create something.

Select Design for your monogrammed blankets. Cross-stitch models are available at most craft stores or online at sites of materials for cross-stitch. Almost any design can be used a layer having the primary area to the cross point. Buy the necessary materials. You need to buy the embroidery thread for the selected design. Other items you should have for the cross point are backstage, needles and scissors. Material for the lining of the blanket will also be necessary.

Embroider the design. Attach the first section of the monogrammed blankets in a rack. Move the rack as needed to continue embroidering. You have to follow the design. Secure the liner. You can leave the exposed rear of the cross point or sewing on a liner-embroidered blanket. Make sure that all points had auctioned and that there are no loose wires. Finalize the blanket. You have to pass all the amendments and the embroidery area to remove wrinkles. One can spray the mat with a fabric backing.Baby boy embroidered blankets,

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