DIY Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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Nice DIY Coffee Table

DIY coffee table is more than a place to set drinks in today’s home. It is a place for you to show some style and give you an idea of ​​who you are. For many people, the coffee table tells their clients more about them than any other piece of decoration in their home. The key is to decorate this business card of classes to really show how sophisticated you are. Follow these steps to decorate your coffee table with style and elegance.

Place the runner on the DIY coffee table that runs parallel to the main set that faces him. Depending on the rest of the decoration of your room, you can use an antique lace or a solid color satin runner. Make sure the ends are having more in one length even to keep everything in balance.

Place the floor of the house in the center of the DIY coffee table runner. The floor plan of the house will give the decorations a feeling of life. If you really kill all the plants, then use a silk plant. Just be sure to dust it daily. Place in the chair next to the coffee table, you will have to put the three pillar candles in your left corner. This is done so that they will not have to be moved to accommodate the drinks.

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