Design Lavender And Cream Bedroom

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Cute Lavender And Cream Bedroom

Lavender and cream bedroom – Give your bedroom a crisp, airy feel as you combine lavender with cream. Whether you choose to go with a romantic look or with modern clean lines, complement a soft lavender buttery yellow undertone found in cream. Distribute the colors throughout the room to create a consistent look and appealing design.

Wall for lavender and cream bedroom, paint the walls a solid lavender accent with cream casting for ceilings and floor tiles or add a cream pearl on board around the lower half of the wall. Pinstripe room with 1-inch wide cream stripes or strip the wall horizontally in equal lengths the railroad track style. Apply patterned wallpaper to the room.  Take color combinations in your fabrics as you drape lavender valences over cream skins or lace curtains. Or bet on a geometric-shaped curtain tied back with a lavender tassel. Choose a chair with a lavender cloth for the room.

Accessories for lavender and cream bedroom, place a cream bell with a lavender face on the wall along with a cream framed mirror and artwork. Set cream colored photo frames, with a lavender mat, holding pictures of family and friends on the worktops and above the bed. Place cream vases and vats around the room that holds potted plants, such as a spider plant, gray fig or a Boston fern. Add a small cream jewelry box for your daily jewelry and a small cream tray for your perfumes.

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