Defroster Rear Window Heater Server

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Rear Window Heater Designs

Rear window heater – Press the button to connect or disconnect the heater in the rear window. The heated rear window only works with the engine running. If the heated rear window is switched on, the control indicator is lit on the key. Depending on the outside temperature, the heating of the rear screen turns off after about 10 to 20 minutes.

The rear window heater can be permanently activated by pressing for more than 2 seconds. This is stored until the ignition is switched off. The activation status of the heated rear window remains stored after switching off the ignition, for 15 minutes. If the engine is started again within these 15 minutes, the heated rear window is activated for about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the outside temperature. This avoids having manually to re-enable the heating of the rear window if the vehicle is parked for a short period.

Note on environment the rear window heater. The heated rear window heating should be disconnected once it has been demisting the rear screen. Lower consumption of electricity has a favorable effect on fuel consumption. That the heated rear window, defroster rear window serves. May can help you to solved your problems.

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