Decorative Crib Blanket For Girls

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Baby Crib Blanket

Crib blanket – A baby blanket can make a good gift for a baby shower, Christmas and other occasions. You can choose large blankets to wrap the baby in while outside or a cozy little crib size blanket to sleep. Crib blankets come in designs for boys and girls who fit in a crib-sized mattress. You can choose from different designs and colors of fabrics to make a personal crib blanket for your baby or as a gift for a few minutes. ┬áMake decorative arches to add to the front of the crib blanket. When the curtain is for a girl, tie four or more pieces of pink ribbons in small arcs.

Place your two pieces of decorative fabric on a flat surface. Reversible a piece of decorative fabric on the side with the pattern. Use a needle and thread to sew bows around the pattern. Put the second piece of fabric on top of the one with arches so that the pattern faces inward. These are the front and back of the crib blanket. Line edges of the two carpets so that they are. Insert straight pins along the edges to join the fabrics together.

Sew a straight line along the edges of each side of the carpet by means of a sewing machine or the needle and thread by hand. On one side of the carpet, leave a gap of 10 cm to pull the fabric right side out. Insert your hand or fingers into the hole and pull the fabric right side out, so the pattern now facing outwards. Fold the fabric around 10 cm hole inward until it is even with the edge of the crib blanket.

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