Decorate Black And White Bedroom For Girls

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Modern Black And White Bedroom

Black and white bedroom are classic colors that never go out of style. Decorate a girl’s bedroom in these colors gives simple versatility as she grows. Accent colors in bed linen, curtains, carpets and wallpapers can be changed regularly as your daughter’s deck of old shades. Whether your girl is attracted to cleaning lines or crazy prints, a black and white room can fit her style perfectly.


Paint the bedroom. Paint the entire black and white bedroom and trust in bedding, curtains and other decor to introduce black into the room. Other options are painting a wall black, painting the lower half of a wall black and using a chair rail along the black and white stitch. Dividing a wall in thirds, either vertically or horizontally, and paint the center section black. For a more lively room, thick or thin stripes, polka dots of different sizes or other patterns can be applied to the walls.

Select new matching furniture or paint existing furniture in black or white. Kitchen cabinets, end tables and bed frame can be sanded and painted white or black. Keep in mind how the furniture will be placed in the room. If the bed is black, try black and white bedroom and white chest of drawers, desk or finish tables to balance the colors. Purchase bedding and curtains. If your girl has chosen simple patterns for walls, she may want to pick fabrics with graphic leaves, zebra textures or a cow pattern. Intricate patterned walls can be balanced with black or white bed linen and curtains.

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