Cute And Creative Elephant Blanket

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Elephant Blanket Fabric

Elephant blanket – Elephants are peaceful creatures that represent positive symbols of good luck, strength and wisdom. Do sew crafts in these peaceful creatures as toys for children to play or sleep with or to decorate the rooms in your home. Use your creativity and mix fabrics, colors and prints together to make your own elephant projects.

Make stuffed elephant blanket for play or display. Use a sewing pattern or draw a simple silhouette outline of an elephant and cut two silhouettes in substance. Sew silhouettes together and cram them with pillow stuffing. Use soft, plush materials like fleece, flannel or terry cloth to make stuffed elephants for babies to cuddle. Use bright children printed fabrics to make decorative elephants to be displayed on a shelf in a child’s room. Alternatively, you can use more sophisticated prints to match your decor.

Create an elephant decoration with patches of fabric or cut out an elephant form the patchwork of different items. Add a sewing pattern for an elephant craft project. Cut strips of fabric and sew them together to create sufficiently large pieces of fabric for sewing pattern pieces. Cut pattern pieces out of patchwork fabric that you created, and sew your pattern together. As an alternative, sewing, applique a silhouette shape of an elephant on a shirt, elephant blanket, bag tote or hanging tapestry.

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