Creative And Functional Backyard Shade Ideas

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Add value and style to a backyard space with creative and functional landscaping. Pergolas and awnings are not only beautiful additions to a backyard, but they also add backyard shade ideas from inclement weather or excessive heat. No problem incorporating canopies in the overall design of the backyard by combining natural elements in the structure of awnings or decoration. Natural canopies refer to hanging trees or plants that provide enough foliage to block the sun and fine rain.

Natural canopies take a little more time to establish than a few glasses made by man. Backyard shade ideas or trees typically have thick trunks and wide branches that extend outward instead of upward. Common canopy trees include lime trees, maples, wild apple and poplar. A canopy tree is a good choice for a homeowner who wants to give shade and privacy in a discreet looking or natural way. Keep in mind that the canopy trees may not be large enough to provide shade until after several years of growth.

Many cup trees require some maintenance, and some cup trees have roots that can interfere with underground pipes or pipes. If you have an awning or pergola in your backyard, vines can provide additional backyard shade ideas and a fluid relationship between man-made structures and the natural landscape. Common vines include morning glory, climbing hydrangeas, honeysuckle and some cups vines.

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