Creative With Diy Candle Holders

Author: aslan | Categories: DECORS comments

There’s nothing like the soft, flickering glow of the candles to create an atmosphere in your room. Appliques, which are diy candle holders that hang on the wall, allow you to be creative with the placement of the candle. Hang them on a dining room wall, or use them to illuminate a hallway, add ambiance in a romantic bedroom, or to accent a mirror or charming piece of artwork.

Add a bit of romance to your bedroom with sconces. Try them on your headboard, one on each side, instead of reading lamps. They give a touch of old-fashioned glamour, and can only be bright enough to read when the diy candle holders are lit. It is very important that you extinguish the flames of the candles before going to sleep.

Illuminate a dark hall with diy candle holders. While this is not a practical solution for everyday lighting, it is a good option when you are trying to create a historical environment. Try to hang one at each end of the aisle or, for a dramatic effect, hang multiple sconces in a long row all the way down the aisle. If the aisle is narrow, use sconces that have a low profile and hug the wall, so those who walk by have a lot of free space and are not close to the flames.

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