Create Herringbone Mosaic Tile

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Top Herringbone Mosaic Tile

Herringbone mosaic tile – First, clean off the dust. Used a bucket of water and sponge / micro fiber cloth and wiped them off. Apply a layer of sealer. Mix up a batch of mortar (about as much as you can work with prior to it getting hard) we filled a 2 gallon paint bucket up about half way. Use a mixing attachment on a corded drill. Since our mortar came in a large bag, we sectioned it off and wrote how much water each section would need. Follow the directions for mixing.

(While you wait for the mortar to firm up) Lay your tile in a herringbone pattern to get an idea of what it will look like. *Make sure herringbone mosaic tile is straight. The rest of the tile will go off of this line. Working in small sections, spread some mortar with a spackle knife / trowel. Smooth it with the flat side of a notch trowel. Once smooth, run the notch side over the mortar.

Back butter the tile. On the back side of the tile, run a thin, smooth layer of mortar over the entire back side. This ensures even coverage and adhesion. Firmly press the tile in place with spacers (we used 1/16″ / 2 per side) *After it has set for a little, go back and check to make sure it hasn’t floated away, you want to make sure the spacing is consistent. For the first row, Make sure it is straight. I’d recommend letting the first row firm up prior to installing more herringbone mosaic tile.

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