Cozy And Warm Emergency Blanket

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Green Emergency Blanket

Emergency blanket – Fire blanket is a useful option and very simple to control and prevent a small fire from becoming much larger. This technology is not new; having been there for years, but new types of materials in a blanket makes it a very good choice for a few different reasons.

This blanket can be called by emergency blanket, which is made from various types of materials, but the most common is fiberglass. In laboratories and research facilities are often no larger models that can be made from the wool is treated with a type of chemical fire retardant. Large-sized blankets like these are often used in emergencies to treat fire clothing or covering a larger room.

All fires burn using a combination of three elements. They need to have some kind of items or combustible material to burn, something that led to the burning of fuel and oxygen to keep the fire going.

Emergency blanket is designed to cover or the cloak of fire, preventing additional oxygen to get fuel and thereby extinguish the fire. They are much more effective on the type of small kitchen grease fires or fire stove instead of using water or chemicals as they will not spread the fuel.

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