Cool Ideas Blue Mosaic Tile

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Blue Mosaic Tile Bathroom Wall

Blue mosaic tile – Mosaics was one of the first types of tile ever used in interior bathrooms. This is because their small size allows for walls and floors to flex without breaking a tile, while several grout lines keep the tiles will be slippery. Today’s mosaic tiles make this original purpose while bringing style and detail to your bathroom design.

Mosaic tiles are typically sold netted together in 12-inch plates. Cutting netting hold the tiles together in small squares or long strips gives you the perfect accent to any area of the bathroom. Use blue mosaic tile as a wall or floor limit, running them side by larger tiles of similar or contrasting colors. Mosaic tiles can be cut into larger tiles on the corners for small pops of color and detail in an otherwise quiet design.

Since mosaic tiles are non-slip, creating decorative “carpet” of mosaic tiles inside boxes of larger tiles. Using a blue mosaic tile border to separate the larger tiles from the carpet and fill center with a repeating mosaic pattern river stone mosaics, or a solid field of mosaics in a light color. Change the material used in these mosaic carpets for more power. Use glass tiles in a field of stones, or polished stone mosaics in a field of tumbled stone.

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