Coffee Station Optional Design Choice

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Coffee Station Furniture

Coffee Station – A few months ago in one of my videos I told you that I was reorganizing my kitchen and I was buying everything necessary to create my coffee station, well, finally I finished it and I want to share it with all of you. As I have already told you one of my favorite moments is when the coffee hour arrives, especially in the afternoons when we sit down to chat about our day and to continue planning the next ones, that is why I have created a station.

where everyone can prepare and enjoy this delicious drink as we like it. So that’s why today I bring you my idea of how to create a coffee station, I’m sure you’ll find that place in your kitchen to make your own, you just need a little imagination and gather all the necessary elements to create it and you decide today.

Because the problem is that we expect these little moments that happen by themselves as if by magic when in reality, we should be creating more of that coffee station, we should be making them happen. Before I had only my coffee machine in the inn near the fridge or depending on the season, I rotate my kitchen. So I put my coffee maker and in a tray that I had placed the implements, to be used during the coffee and in a nice box I have other things like sugar, flavorings etc.

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