Cinder Block Bench Creation Furniture

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Cinder Block Bench Patio

Cinder Block Bench – When placing a bench outside our house we need to look not only at the design and comfort, it is also important that it is a piece prepared to withstand the inclement weather without problems. We are going to build a bank that will combine all this. Concrete blocks joined with pine boards and all parts well protected. The base of our bank will be concrete blocks joined together.

For the seat, we have chosen pine wood slats that will fit perfectly into the holes of the cinder block bench also creating the backrest of the bench. Both concrete and wood will have to be treated with specific products so that the rainwater does not spoil them. We start by thoroughly cleaning the interior of the bricks with the grinder and a cutting disc. To remove all burrs well we use a metal hammer. Next, we stick the bricks with polyurethane adhesive forming the base structure of the bench.

To continue with the work we need to cut with the jigsaw 6 slats, 4 for the seat and another 2 for the backrest. All will have the same length, which in our case will be 2.22 meters. Next, sand the entire surface cinder block bench well. We will use the orbital sander and medium-grain sandpaper. The concrete, however, we leave it of its original color, yes, do not forget to protect it with a waterproofing product that will prevent the water from penetrating and spoiling our bank.

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