Choosing Spanish Mediterranean Exterior Paint Colors

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Modern Spanish Mediterranean Exterior Paint Colors

Spanish Mediterranean exterior paint colors – Homeowners in the country often have more freedom to choose colors for the exterior of their houses than people in urban areas, as they often do not have close neighbors to consider. But when a house is in the country instead of the city, the house also has no houses nearby that can protect it from the sun. Strong sunlight fades dark or bright colors. Additionally, if second hand value is important, you might agree with more popular or neutral colors.

Colors with a twist

You can live in an area where you’re limited to neutral colors, but that does not mean you cannot spice them up a bit. Look through a bundle of color boxes and you see that there is something like really “basic beige. Spanish Mediterranean exterior paint colors, even neutral, have underlying tones make them redder or rougher, colder or warmer, darker or lighter. Choose warm yellow-colored beige for exterior walls, and instead of dark brown trim, use a cold complementary color, such as dark gray or muted sage green.


Spanish Mediterranean exterior paint colors for Architectural details such as shutters, wrought iron and unique front doors can dive with modern and surprising color. Even if the rest of your home is painted with neutral or traditional shades. If you have wrought iron rails, paint them navy or deep green instead of traditional black. Choose a new color for your front door — celery green or pumpkin orange. Accentuate shutters with a twist on classic colors by choosing pastel colors, traditional dark painted shutters.

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