Choose Your Fun Custom Bunk Beds

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Custom bunk beds – The bunks are a solution (sometimes the only) to the problem of lack of space. If you have only one small room and two or more children who share it, sure you have at least considered this type of beds as an option, and these very original bunk beds will suit you very well. Bunk beds can be impractical when making beds, but if you choose low bunk beds you will avoid this problem.

When space is small and children are many, custom bunk beds can provide the solution. In this case they have used two beds placed in L with a central element that looks like a bookstore, where to put the lights and use as a bedside table. In this design, practicality was sought more than a very special design.

To give space to three people, we thought of a three-bed bunk instead of two, with a minimal structure and white color. The touch of originality comes through the green wall. This way we can give more space to each of the users of this custom bunk bed and we also generate places to house drawers and furniture or even special wall spaces in which children can decorate to their liking.

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