Charming Mosaic Shower Curtain

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Black Mosaic Shower Curtain

Mosaic shower curtain – When designing a bathroom, find a shower curtain that fits perfectly to your decor scheme is difficult. By modifying a standard shower curtains, you can create a custom version will be the finishing touch to your bathroom design. When you plan, select materials that will stand up to heat, water and steam, and find a design that will not interfere with the function of the curtain

When working with fabric mosaic shower curtain, you can add trim for an uncomplicated adaptation. You can cut small holes in the bottom of the curtain and the weaving bands through, for example, or using a sewing machine to add more rows of trim. Add decorative cord tie-backs, sew tassels to each curtain loop or use fabric to create a form and sew the middle of the curtain. Look for accents that match the decor of the rest of the bathroom; you might echo trim on your towels, for example, or make fabric shapes that match the stencil pattern on your walls.

Instead of using the standard rod-and-loop system to keep your mosaic shower curtain, make your own for a dramatic look. In a bathroom with high ceilings, install a bar in the attic; a large towel-rack style bar will serve the purpose well. Find decorative shower curtain hooks or loops, and buy two sets.

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