Cape Cod Style Homes With Porch Design

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Review Cape Cod Style Homes With Porch

Cape Cod style homes with porch are common throughout the United States, but they were first built in colonial New England. They present a simple, rectangular style that met the needs of the environment. Cape Cod style houses gained renewed popularity in the mid 20’s, when mass production made the homes easy and economical to build.

Colonial Cape Cod

Cape Cod style homes with porch evolved in the 17th century in colonial New England. It emerged from a desire to melt the simple home styles of settlers “home country England with the needs of life in coastal New England. Usually one to 1-1 / 2 stories, Cape Cod style presented a simple four-square body. There was a chimney in the middle to heat the house. The chimney was located in line with the front door centered on the fa├žade.

The Cape Cod style homes with porch were built to cope with the tough storms off the eastern shore of Massachusetts. They had steep sloping ceilings to fight snow and wind and low ceilings to preserve the heat. The design featured work shutters to keep the cold and several sprung double-hung windows. The original Cape Cod house had wooden floors, usually made of local pine or oak. Shingles were red cedar or pine, and they were uncharged and allowed to weather. The houses featured culminated gables with roof tops and low roof feet. Often they had a formal, center-hall plan solution.

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