Camping Blanket Design Ideas

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Camping blanket – Often when we go to the mountain, and either makes a meal, spend the afternoon, just putting a blanket on the floor of lifelong for children to play. It is a good choice, but now that we are already in autumn, we can find that after a while moisture as cove notice them.

A good choice and economic part, are camping blanket These have two different sides, one with the soft touch of camping blanket and the other with a waterproof fabric that isolate us from the cold. Also, inside there is a small layer of foam thus making it softer? They fold quite takes up little space, are easy to carry thanks to the carrying straps to hold the camping blanket roll. And they do not weigh almost anything.

The first time we slept with the inflatables directly on the floor of the tent, mattresses, we note that at midnight we went up the humidity, taking cold inside in bed. The next investment was buying this camping blanket, put it just before the mattresses, and since then slept perfectly. For wash this camping blanket, today say that I have not yet put into the washing machine, so I do not know what will happen. If you leave intact or shattered and broken.

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