Bulletproof Blanket For Kids

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Proof Blanket Bullet Schools

Bulletproof blanket is the abbreviation of the word aromatic polyamide. Blanket has a strong structure, a lot who have good damping properties, is resistant to acids and alkalis, and besides it can withstand heat up to 370 ° C, so it is not flammable.

Because it is so, bulletproof blanket is also used in the field of aircraft, tanks and space products are marketed known as Kevlar. Kevlar has a light weight, but five times stronger than steel. The principle works is to reduce as much as possible burst of kinetic energy of the bullet, by using layers of clothing to absorb the energy of the pace and break the magic of clothes wide, so that energy is not enough anymore to make the bullets can penetrate armor.

In absorbing the energy rate bullet, bulletproof blanket it deforms the pressing towards the inside, this added pressure will be forwarded to the user’s body. Maximum limits emphasis added should not be more than 4.4 cm. If that limit is exceeded, then the clothes will be injured in the internal organs injuries, which would endanger the safety of life. That article about bulletproof blanket that we wish to convey to you all.



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