How To Build A Mezzanine In A Garage Elegant

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How To Build A Mezzanine In A Garage Space

How to build a mezzanine in a garage? If it is about enjoying, this house is a magnificent example to achieve it. Totally open to outside and with spacious interior spaces. Its allow you to keep in touch with view of splendid landscape. Design outlines warmth and elegance thanks to handling of materials use. Such as wood, stone and metal. Terrace of house is a dream; equipped with an original room made of colorful cushions. An original lamp and bar in background, allows having all comforts that we look for in a house of this style.

Interiors of how to build a mezzanine in a garage convey warmth, welcome and tranquility to relax. And then, enjoy warmth of home around a sensational fireplace. In this space we can see that ceilings. And details of wood come together in a combination of country and also modern styles resulting in a sensational, comfortable and luxurious room. After room, there is terrace, which is magnificent.

Wood is main material and makes it look elegant, warm, modern and also beautiful.  From terrace of how to build a mezzanine in a garage, you can contemplate beautiful view towards countryside and pool. Two volumes embedded in shape of a square. They are build on an imposing natural landscape. Game of contrasts in composition of materials of glass and steel is reinforced in color of blocks in black and white.

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