Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

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Bohemian Living Room Modern

Bohemian Living Room – Antique Armoires made from ancient Indian doors are statement pieces and very functional as well. Handmade rustic armoires are uniquely designed so they can be used for both storage and their eclectic nature defining the singularity. The brass and iron studs on the door are grounding elements. . Indian cabinets provide affordable solutions for each room and provide comfort and fun over the years.

It’s handy to keep a blanket or keep your table linen. Traditional and eclectic crates add character to your interior. The beautiful decoration bohemian living room is a style statement that blends old world charm and rich Indian ethnic culture.

Bohemian living room style inspired from Kutch desert, Rajasthan. Ethnic and nomadic but bohemian chic urban appeal uses a variety of colors, textures that absorb the nuances of “banjara” or gypsy. Excellent handmade rugs, vintage embroidery, and Zardozi table runners are exotic exquisite creations. Geometric designs, tribal prints, hand embroidered patches and the use of mirrors and beads add to the Indian boho talent for textiles and clothing. This is a great gift for loved ones and original collectibles.


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