Blanket Chest Is An Absolute Must

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Blanket Chest Modern

Blanket chest – if you have a cat at home, is a quality litter box is an absolute must. It is therefore important for cat owners to come up with creative ideas to hide the litter box while still ensuring that all cats have access to it. With a little creativity can cat owners turn the ugly litter box in a nice piece of furniture?

Many cat owners find that the best place for the blanket chest in the laundry room. Place the litter box in the laundry room makes sense for many different reasons, including the fact that family members do not typically assembled in the laundry room.

If you have an old blanket chest, you no longer need, you can convert it into a decorative litter box cabinet. Just use a saw to cut a door to your cat to go in and out, and then open the hinged top and place the litter box inside. This makes it easy to clean the litter box as well-all you need to do is lift the lid on the blanket chest and pull the litter box. When the box is cleaned and new litter set, closing just the hinged lid and it’s ready for use again. You can create a makeshift catnapper with this design – just place a few old blankets on top of the lid and your cat will have a warm place to sleep.

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