Best Minky Blanket Ideas

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Minky Blanket Design

Minky blanket – If you‘re made a smaller blanket and maybe have a large rotary cutter and mat, place it recorded on a big surface. If you‘re making a bigger blanket and or don’t possess a rotary cutter and enormous mat, skip this step. Lay your minky blanket fabric down first using the smooth side down and also the fuzzy (right) side facing up.

Lay your cotton fabric on top from the minky blanket, using its right side down and it is wrong side up. Smooth the cotton during the minky along with your hands to obtain ride of wrinkles and also to line them up in the fabric salvages and cut edges.

Minky blanket, I prefer to chop both fabrics to size when they‘re lay out together so no trimming is necessary later in order to make them match! If you‘re making perhaps one of the three smaller sizes of blankets, you‘ll need to measure and trim off one side of your respective fabrics to supply the correct width. You can discover the trick for large pieces like blankets and curtains is to ensure your measurements are even and every one of your lines are absolutely straight! You shouldn’t need to cut the ends (tops and bottoms) from the fabrics unless you‘re producing the child size or unless your fabric is cut unevenly.

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