Best Luxury Homes With Indoor Basketball Courts Design Ideas

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Luxury Homes With Indoor Basketball Courts By The Sea

Luxury Homes With Indoor Basketball Courts – Not even anyone in the investment field will realize the growing potential and demand for luxury property for sale in Istanbul. And many world magazines and surveys only confirm this fact with Turkey, especially the second city of Istanbul with a very high level of property in the world economy.

Demand and sales luxury homes with indoor basketball courts only increased in Istanbul with it growing at a rate of 23.8 percent year on year. And because of this demand and the increasing contribution of this investment class to the country’s economy, the government follows the trend of offering residency to outside investors such as the countries of Greece, Spain and Portugal. The crown city of Istanbul is one type of city that connects the two main continents of the world – Europe and Asia. The location of this city has found good among many Hollywood filmmakers along with investors and several famous films have been taken here.

Many places in Istanbul have seen a big trend when it comes to investing in the luxury property market when the world luxury market is down. And this luxury house has the best facilities when it comes to offers made. One of the most prominent locations in Istanbul is the Beylikduzu area. Prices in this place have increased by 20 to 25 percent in the last five years and only continue to go up. Luxury home prices in this place range from $ 215 per square foot for a 2-Bedroom apartment and go to $ 420 per square foot for a 4-bedroom apartment. That’s the article about luxury homes with indoor basketball courts.


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