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Pattern Bedroom Wall Ideas

Bedroom wall ideas – Finding space in a small bedroom can seem like a difficult task, but do not be discouraged. Why not get the most of the unused wall and remove debris from the bedroom. You can create storage with some cheap items from a hardware store or home improvement center.


Placing shelves on a wall can provide much needed storage space. Decorative shelves are available in different lengths and can be made of lightweight simulated wood or glass. These shelves are purchased with brackets that are easily mounted on the bedroom wall ideas by screwing the brackets into the wall rails. Stack the shelves for an interesting effect or any event that is accommodating. Finish appearance by adding storage with woven baskets, hat boxes or colorful boxes. Fill each basket with out-of-season items, keepsakes or items that you use daily. Add a personal touch with your favorite pictures of family, friends or holidays and space them around the containers.


Bedroom wall ideas can be used to quickly hang clothes. Attach hooks of different sizes for wallets, bathrobes or workout clothes. Mount a curtain rod on the wall near the ceiling to hide everything that hangs on the hooks. Use large rings to attach light curtains for easy sliding and pull the curtain closed when not in use. This will give the wall a clean look and shine off a window behind the curtain.

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