Beauty Mother Of Pearl Mosaic Tile

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Mother Of Pearl Mosaic Tile Kitchen

Mother of pearl mosaic tile – Very durable and resistant to scratches and burning, pearl granite adds a prestigious look to counters and complements almost any kitchen design theme. Imported Norwegian granite varies in color from silvery gray and blue to gray-black with white pearl. Store amounts of mica and quartz embedded in granite reflects light with an iridescent sheen.

Mother of pearl mosaic tile  on countertops or backsplash find a stark contrast against pure white kitchen cabinets, while a bleed cream color balances gray tones of Natural stone. White with dashes of blue undertones places granite in cooler tints. Dark cherry stain on cabinets adds both warmth and sense of class to kitchen. For a bold and dramatic contemporary look, go for dark blue lacquered cabinets.

Gray subway tiles in a solid color or varying shades of white and gray complement mottled appearance of countertops. Signs eye with a checkerboard of small, black and white, or black, gray and white mosaic accent tiles behind kitchen stove. Quadratic tiles varying shades of blue and gray installed on diagonal to create textural interest with their diamond-shaped patterns. Creme or beige colored tiles with bright blue accent tiles offer another option – or try opposite – a deep blue tile with mother of pearl mosaic tile.

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