Beauty Hardwood Bathroom Vanity

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Hardwood bathroom vanity – Adding a vanity to your bathroom space is an elegant way to provide more storage space for your beauty and toiletry items, but you can also add a splash of color to the area. The right toilet color will depend on your decorative goals for the bathroom, as well as the amount of space you have to work. Patterns that show color for the bathroom vanity are aesthetically pleasing and will complement the theme of the bathroom decor or add a new minor theme.

If you are decorating the rest of the bathroom with bronze and brown, a cheetah or leopard print toilet will become the signature piece of the bathroom. If the bathroom is black and white, a zebra striped dressing table is an ideal choice.  If the black hardwood bathroom vanity is installed on the wall, adding red stripes along the front or side of the toilet bar or around the mirror adds the color in a way that is not too overwhelming.

An orange-colored rose in a mud bath is a classy color addition, and the orange hue will help you improve your concentration so you can get your hair and makeup right. A wall mounted hardwood bathroom vanity will benefit from a mirror adorned with red or orange paint when the vanity counter and faeces are painted in a muted variation of the same hue.

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