Beautiful Greek Revival Farmhouse House Plans

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Big Greek Revival Farmhouse House Plans

Just look at what beautiful greek revival farmhouse house plans, perfect combination between a light wooden beams and a modern style in the construction of the house. Although within a rustic style, this holiday home has tried to modernize its design. One of the most notable aspects is the wooden beams that, next to the ceiling, have a worn finish that adds an informal touch and something more modern.

The result is more than achieved and perfectly meets the objective. The rural does not have to be linked to the old or the old. Renew the varnish of your wooden beams to achieve a completely different effect. Who associates greek revival farmhouse house plans and tradition. Could not be further from reality and as proof of this incredible design in wood with oriental air.  We can see the typical postcard, the beams on the outside of the house, on a terrace corridor that delivers freshness in summer months and a classic architectural style.

Far from providing a sober or boring style, the greek revival farmhouse house plans renew the image of this living room by incorporating small light bulbs at the junctions of the beams. The result is spectacular. A very modern and youthful loft made with quality materials that is warm and cozy thanks to the wood cladding. Wood beams and industrial decoration.

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