Awesome Wheelchair Accessible House Plans With Elevator

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Wheelchair Accessible House Plans With Elevator Model

One of the main issues that come to mind when we want to install a wheelchair accessible house plans with elevator is if it meets the minimum dimensions of accessible elevators. Since it is an installation in which the community of owners is going to make an important disbursement. It will be necessary to ensure that the measures are adequate to solve the problem of accessibility. As professionals of the installation of elevators. Below we will give you the keys to ensure an accessible building.

Although it seems obvious, for a lift to be accessible. It has to respond to the needs of its users and facilitate their mobility when going up and down stairs. Therefore, the elevator must be wide enough for a person in a wheelchair to enter. If wheelchair accessible house plans with elevator has these dimensions. A person can fit in a wheelchair together with a companion of average constitution. It is the minimum recommend if you want to solve the problem of mobility and accessibility of buildings.

When for architectural reasons or of any other type. The elevators do not have doors not faced. The minimum measures to be considered wheelchair accessible house plans with elevator will vary. In this case the space must be 1’40 meters wide by 1’40 meters deep. Thus, not only are enough dimensions achieve. So that the wheelchair can make a turn. But also two people can stand in addition to the wheelchair.

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