Adding A Garage To A Split Level Home Innovation Plans

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Adding A Garage To A Split Level Home Modular

Adding A Garage To A Split Level Home – The subfloor is the first layer that is made in contact with the earth in a construction, a mediator between the natural terrain and the final floor or floor. The function of the subfloor is to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, prevent some movements in the soil by settlement or expansion generate cracks to the coating used, as well as drain water through its slope. The subfloor allows settling the base that is level so that the floor can be later, placed correctly.

Although the thickness of the adding a garage to a split level home will depend on the type that is, light, for the garage, reinforced, of concrete, normally it is usually built of 12 centimeters minimum. To this thickness can be added the 3 or 4 centimeters of the lower layer of gravel that is sometimes added to prevent the rise of water by capillarity. In the manufacture of the subfloor is commonly used the concrete, called poor, a mixture of cement, lime, rubble or crushed brick, sand, and water.

Even today, they already sell special preparations for the construction of the adding a garage to a split level home, to which we only have to add water and sand, although they continue to mix coarse aggregate or debris for a greater consistency. Before building a subfloor, you have to prepare the land with which you will make contact. This must be clean of roots and organic elements, in addition to being well leveled.

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