Add Elegant Mosaic Wall Art

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Cool Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic wall art – Mosaic art comes in many forms, including wall art, tables and mirrors. It even comes in 3D form, including flower pots, birdbaths and decorative garden balls. You name it and a creative artist can probably turn it into a beautiful mosaic.

Mosaic wall art can be large four-foot by eight-foot murals on your living wall. Or mosaic wall art can be subtle little pieces to accent other objects as a bigger piece of art, a mirror, furniture or a flower arrangement. When hanging heavy wall art mosaics, you need a support system that can handle the load. A nail pushed through the drywall on the floor is typically not appropriate. Hanging nail or screw to be driven into a wall stud.

If stud is positioned so that the hanging mosaic is off-center, you should consider building an adequate system of support for the existing wall studs. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is not. It is also easier than you might think. With the adult supervision and proper tools, even a twelve-year-old child can hand-cut in the drywall on the floor, add the correct pieces of 2x4s to the existing stud frame and then replace the drywall on the floor cut-out. Mirrors mosaic wall art can be beautiful additions to home or office. The standard, boring mirror in a wooden frame gets lost in the decor.

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