Accessories Gray Bathroom Ideas

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Original Gray Bathroom Ideas

Gray bathroom ideas – You can soak up the space with towels, shower curtains and windows and floor coverings in cherry red, green or blue.

Cherry accessories

Red is a stimulating color, “in connection with motion and excitement,” reports Precision Inter. Cherry red is a particularly vibrant shade that will add vitality and energy to your gray bathroom ideas furnishings. Shop home stores, reseller discount, and bed and bath facilities to find cherry accessories, such as bath mat, bath rugs, towels, tablecloths, even soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Preferably, you will find accessories in the same shade, but minor variations in color value will work. As you put your carpets and towels, you will notice the energy in space begins to rise. The bath may also feel hotter with easy addition of this vibrant shade.

Green curtains and carpets

Green symbolizes new life, nature and harmony, according to the Blooms University of Pennsylvania. Almost all green shades, therefore, can be lively gray decor. Spring green, for example, will lay light and freshen to gray bathroom ideas. Forest green, on the other hand, gives a more grounded feeling, while infusing the space with the energy in nature. Kelly green can appeal as an accent or scratch color to follow any of the other shades.

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