2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck Ideas

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The 2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck Reviews

2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck – Ceilings are the essential architectural elements in all construction. They are the coverage of buildings that protect it from the weather above all. Covers or roofs in the construction vary from the structure system used, materials, styles, and designs. Among the most popular roofs are the inclined ones. Between these they can be to two glasses of water that is with two planes with slope. Or four glasses of water that are compose in four incline planes. The planes that cover the sides and rest on the trapezoidal side walls. And two planes that close the roof that have a triangular shape.

In this 2 storey house design with roof deck, with a rectangular floor plan. If you look at it from above, the ceiling has the same shape. But from the facades and perspective, you can see the different planes that make up the ceilings. Two large planes of trapezoidal shape, covering the longest facades of the rectangle. And two triangular planes that close the volume on the short facades. The eaves of the ceilings are a project of outside the facades generously, protect the external walls of the rain. The doors and windows as well as the incidence of the sun, the ceilings are covered by black color ceramic tiles. Which accentuates the typology more traditional of this 2 storey house design with roof deck construction.

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