1800 Square Foot Craftsman House Plans Architectural Ideas

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Famous 1800 Square Foot Craftsman House Plans

1800 square foot craftsman house plans – Wood panels and wooden ceilings were characteristic of the craftsman’s decoration, which pays tribute to the beauty of wood over plaster and paint and highlight the skill needed to build a beautiful yet functional house. The artisans of the movement considered that the rooms should stand on their own instead of relying on paintings and photographs hung on the wall, which could favor disorder and detrimental to the craftsmanship of the house. To evoke this feeling in your own home, start with the installation of wooden panels. Remove the tile from the ceiling to expose the beams or hang box rods, which are lighter than solid wood, but give the same look.

1800 square foot craftsman house plans, built-in benches, window seats, bookshelves and cabinets eliminated the need for too many furniture, which could disturb rooms. A similar look can be achieved by adding shelving from the floor to the ceiling and placing cabinets and simple cabinets against the walls. If you have a fireplace, buy matching benches to place on each side. Add a long, flat trunk under a window and add cushions on top of a cozy window seat.

Windows in an 1800 square foot craftsman house plans were large, with moldings and wide frames in dark spots. Reflect this aspect in your home by replacing the molding around the windows with some that is 4 or 5 inches wide and cutting squares at the edges, instead of miter. Finish the adjustment with a dark spot.

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